Saturday, 18 November 2017

"The Best Job On The Planet" This Woman Travels Around The World and Gets Paid For 10,000 USD

Almost every person wants to travel the world for adventures and feel the pleasure of it but by spending at least a significant amounts of fortune. But some lucky people travel to different places and see the world freely and gets paid for it in a hefty amount of cash.

Sorelle Amore is one of the luckiest women whose job is to travel to different places and tourist destination across the globe while touring in various of places, she is also getting paid for her work. She landed on this type of work from a contest “Best Job On The Planet” by the Third Home.

She had been in a lot of different places without spending a lot of money. She even stayed in the Bahamas with free accommodation on the hotels.

She just needs to enjoy and capture priceless memories through her camera during the getaway. How cool is that?

She had been in a lot of different tourist destination such as Costa Rica, Scotland, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. This 28-year old traveling icon also gets paid for the tour. She doesn't need to spend any amount of money in this dream job although she just has to be in different places for the next three months and enjoy the ride.

The winner of the contest, Sorelle, will get to travel, write some of the good stuff she had done in the travel and make a blog/vlog about her stay on the said vacation in million-dollar luxury hotels. She will be paid a large amount of money for about 10,000 USD per month, and the company covers everything.

She shared that one of the unique memories that she had experience is when she swam with the sharks in the Bahamas.

Some of her photos in the heavenly paradise are bizarre and out of the ordinary. She has gathered enough photos and videos that will make you woe and also get a little bit of envious.

She even stayed in the Dominican Republic.

It is undoubtedly a great place to settle in and get cozy.

She already went to 12 different places in their most luxurious mansions and hotels which genuinely are breathtaking, to begin with.

Sorelle had a very special journey in her life and wanted to share it in the world how it is exciting to diverse oneself in many places without spending too much.

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