Wednesday, 8 November 2017

This Man Used 25 Brand New iPhone X as Props for His Marriage Proposal to His Girlfriend Then Gives Them Out to Friends After His GF Said “Yes”

Apple recently launched the much-anticipated iPhone X which is desired by almost every person across the globe. Its price amounts at a very high rate that is around $999. But does it really worth buying for?

But a man from China never had some second thoughts on spending a lot of money for the proposal for his girlfriend. Although some people would gladly spend it on buying an expensive ring or bunch of flowers and have a reservation at a 5-star restaurant, Chen spent his money buying 25 units of iPhone X which is used for his lavish proposal for his girlfriend.

This computer programmer, Chen, planned for his marriage proposal with the siblings of his girlfriend and some close friends hoping to make the surprise and romantics all at hand to make her accept his proposal according to Apple Daily.

The content of the surprise proposal was a custom-made ring followed by a bunch of roses with 25 units of iPhone X. He gave her 25 iPhone X because her girlfriend will turn around 25 this year.

The smartphones were arranged in a heart-shaped figure over a bed of petals of red roses and the center of the heart was the ring.

When his girlfriend, Lee, unsuspectedly arrives, Chen suddenly went down on his knees and asked the question "will you marry me?" Lee, in shock, quickly said yes which made her almost shiver in tears.

Both of them met a couple of years ago and loves playing video games which makes them suited for each other.

The overjoyed girlfriend had handed all of the 25 iPhone X to her sisters and friends as a gift after saying "yes" to his boyfriend marriage proposal.

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