Saturday, 18 November 2017

This Old Man Has To Walk Miles Away From Home Just To Beg Food For His Disabled Daughters

A guy from a non-government organization which is called Canada for Negros is helping in providing rural projects and assistance for improving the community. Frances Baena, the man who is affiliated in these projects, meets a very poor man who is willing to provide for his family despite his old age. He is located in the village in the province of Negros Oriental here in the Philippines.

In a village called Tiguid Ayungon in Negros Oriental which is located in the Visayas Region, Frances and his group accidentally make an acquaintance with an elderly man while doing their field operation. The area is far away and very remote in the Visayas.

The elderly man is known as “Tatay Arunting” by some residents in the village as Frances recalls. It is known to the local culture in the Philippines to use “Tatay” in reference to elderly which means “Father” in English to show respect. When they ask how old is Tatay Arunting, he told them that he can’t remember his age.

The eldered man‘s home was far away from the center of the village which is far up to the mountainside. It takes 30 minutes just to trek down from the sloped area then must walk towards the center of the village which is miles away. Tatay arunting told them that he often seeks alms such food from people that could spare anything less. After begging for some small crumbs, he has to walk and trek the mountain again just to provide all he has for his family.

Despite his age, he still manages to withstand the gruesome journey.

After learning why Tatay Arunting is desperately committed to his everyday struggles, he became determined to help them. He found out that Tatay Arunting had two disabled adult daughters living at his home.

He also learned that his wide had already past away and he was the only one that is left for their children.

It is clear that his daughter needs medical assistance.

Frances devoted himself to help out the elder man and her daughters. He sought aid from the members of Canada for Negros to seek a better solution for the condition of the daughters of Tatay Arunting.

After uploading his video on the social media, a lot of donations and helpful hands reached out to Tatay Arunting and his daughters.

A lot of help has been given according to a report by Definite Filipino. A house was built for them which is located near the center of the village and there were also volunteers that aid them to seek some medical attention.

Watch the heartwarming video here:


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