Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Timeless Beauty: Pilita Corrales Shared Her Secrets to Her Undying Beauty and Wellness

Most people try a lot of things to pursue wellness and gorgeous figure. Some people try surgeries in an expense of large amounts of money trying to look beautiful.

But you could also try some healthy tips from one of the most leading veterans in the showbiz career on having a beauty that could last through ages in such ways that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money!

Pilita Corrales is a 78-year old actress that remains one of the most beautiful and have the healthiest body. She is also the “Asia’s Queen of Songs” which makes people fascinated about. With her talent, looks, and healthy body, almost all people wonder what would be her secret?

Now, she reveals that her secret to undying beauty and vigorous health at her age. She told in her interview with ABS-CBN news:

“I don’t use soap on my face because it’s very drying. After you take sa shower or bath, you oil your whole body twice a day… You can use even coconut oil. You moisturize, that’s the only thing that I do… I don’t have dry skin or spots.”

She never did any surgeries before, and that makes her unique in every aspect.

The only thing that she is not comfortable with is her wrinkled area around her neck. Although it's not even really bothersome, she stated that she only remedies it by choosing proper clothing to lessen the crowd’s attention on focusing on her neck.

She also advised many young stars and even the public that they should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and most importantly drugs!

“There’s so much talent kasi destroyed by drinking, smoking, drugs. It’s a God-given talent you will never get again,” she added.

She also guaranteed her fans that she would still do her performance gigs to see her sing again. With her signature leaning pose, it would surely entice a lot of people.

She is one of the most valued singer here in the local scene that would be given a tribute concert at Solaire.

It would feature all of here past highlights in her career for almost six decades. She is truly a legend!


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