Tuesday, 21 November 2017

UPS Driver Hears Someone Screaming ‘HELP’ Inside a House—When cops Arrived and Check, They Can't Stop Laughing

In certain emergency situations, it is essential to seek aid from certain local authorities to prevent any casualties. Avoiding any complication of the situation is the best option for such occasion and let experienced individuals leap into the problem. 

But in this situation, a UPS driver thought he needed some help from the police when he heard someone screamed for help while doing some delivery job in Clackamas, Oregon. When the cops arrived, all was just a false alarm.

Lee Purdy, the UPS driver, heard someone screaming that says "help me!" from a residence where he was delivering packages. He told in a report that “I wasn’t sure what to think at first.” According to the CBS News, Purdy called his wife first and then he explained the situation at hand. After learning it from him, his wife then called the police and ask for their aid.

Public information officer Brian Jensen told in his interview that Purdy's wife called for the Clackamas County Sherrif Office. Brian said that “It was clearly weighing on him, so she thought she’d better call.”

After the authority arrived at the scene, Deputy Hayden Sanders told that he didn't find anyone who is asking for help. Although, he found a pet parrot named Diego.

"The deputies were able to contact the owner and gain entrance into the residence," Jensen cited in his interview. "That’s what they found," he added.

Deputy Sanders said that the parrot was also uninjured and in any case wouldn't need any help from the police.

Although it may cause some inconvenience on the part of the police, Jensen said that “We’re thankful. It’s super funny. We were ribbing [Sanders] a little bit.” He also told that in his interview that “We’re just glad that no one, including the bird, actually needed any help.”

Nobody was reported injured or hurt but Purdy was wondering why did the parrot ask for help. “Why was this bird yelling ‘help me?’” he intriguingly asked. “There’s got to be a reason.”

Diego's owner, Susan Baird, explained that her pet is very talkative and he mimics a lot of people even animals at least. “He’s very personable,” Susan explained.

“Help me” is one of the quite few things that Diego often says.

Diego doesn't want to be left alone that's why it must have said: "help me!" Diego was left with her daughter's care and while Purdy was near the house, he might have thought that someone was asking for help.

“He does not like me to be gone for a long time,” Susan revealed. “He has really missed me.”

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source: ntd.tv


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