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500 lbs Woman From Indiana Reduced Almost Half Of Her Weight. Gets Viral After Posting Her Old and New Photos Online.

A lot of people celebrate the upcoming new year's eve with a resolution to become healthy and fit. It always comes to everyone that notion to have a change in their lifestyle and have a new perspective on life. Although it is a hard task to commit to such changes in life, there are also some people who take this kind of challenges in life with dedication and sheer will.

Lexi Reed, a girl from Terre Haute, Indiana, is one of the few people who worked hard to achieve a better lifestyle as her new year's resolution. She started in a weight of 485 lbs while her husband Danny came from 280 lbs back in 2016. Both of them took the challenge to be fit and stay physically active to improve themselves physically and mentally.

Within 18 months, the added weight that has been reduced on the pair amount to a ridiculous measurement of 400 lbs. Lexi said on her Instagram post that: "We really did not eat strategy, surgery, personal instructor, yet just what we did have was each various other and the motivation within to strive each and every single day. We wanted to be moms and dads in the future as well as live a long life together."

Both of them got married in the year 2015 and started to consume on an average of 8000 calories of food each day that's why its a tough work for them just to limit themselves from eating.

They decided to avoid fast foods and stick to home-made meals. They also do their routine exercises for almost five to six times a week. Both of them eventually dropped their body weight for almost 50% of their mass in just twelve months time.

Having such an amazing outcome, she never hesitated to post her old photos in contrast to her new figure. Lexi obtained thousands of followers on Instagram that became encouraged in her achievements.

Lexie believed that sacrificing a little and staying out of your comfort zone in exchange will always be a challenge.

She said that it is worth every struggle just to improve yourself little by little.

An average of 8000 calories per day is a tough work to burn!

After a rigorous exercise and healthy diet, Lexi's transformation is truly mind-blowing.

Lexi avoided eating anything that is made from any fast food chain. She even started having a planned proper diet.

Seeing her old photos makes it hard for everyone to believe that they are the same person.

"Twelve Months" to reduce 50% of their body weight!

[You don't have to live like this for the rest of your life, Lexi.]

Her transformation inspired a lot of netizens on various social media platforms.

Lexi stated in her posts on Instagram: "Tomorrow is the very first day of the rest of your life."

She also added that: "You are in charge of your future so enter that fitness center and reveal each and every single person that looks or doubts you what you're made from."

"He never ever saw me as my dimension, asked me to alter, or made me really feel as anything besides attractive," Lexi said as he refers to her husband.

[Surround yourself with those who lift you higher that appreciates your achievements even when it is little.]

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