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Ikwenento ng Babaeng ito ang Istorya Kung Paano nga ba Naging Yaya ng Kanyang Anak si Princess Diana

Princess Diana had been a kind princess that's why a lot of people adored her for a perfect reason. She had demonstrated humility and genuine compassion towards her subject as a royalty.

But before her title as a royalty, she once lived a tranquil and private life even she was an aristocrat. Lady Diana Spencer worked as a nanny who made her earn five dollars an hour.

Mary Robertson, an American businesswoman, who was living in London hired Diana Spencer to take care of her toddler son, Patrick, back in 1980.

Diana was still 18-years old at that time and was given by her agency to work as a part-time nanny to Mary Robertson.

She was hired on the spot in her interview with Robertson and was contracted to be paid $5 an hour to watch over a kid. Diana was also given some household chores such as washing dishes, doing the laundry, and cleaning up the toys.

Robertson didn't know that she just hired a member of a royal family back then.

One day, Robertson saw Diana's bank account through a deposit slip which she found under the couch of their house.

Robertson worked in finance so she knew every detail of a deposit slip and she found out Diana's full name and the bank's name. When she pieced it all together, she learned that her nanny was Lady Diana Spencer from one of England's oldest family of royalty.

When she was interviewed about how she confronted Diana directly and discovered her bloodline royalty, Robertson said:

"She said, 'Oh, that. Would you like me to take Patrick out for a walk now?' And that was the beginning and the end of it."

It was reported that Princess Diana referred to her part-time work for Robertson was the "happiest year of her life."

It was a surprise for Mary after a few months later that Diana and Prince Charles were seeing each other which she learned on the news. Not long after that, Diana told her employer that she was leaving her work. The last time that Robertson had seen Diana was when she gets married to royalty

Although Diana took an entirely different life, they didn't lose touch with each other. According to Robertson, they continued to talk to each other for the next 16 years. With the passing of Princess Diana in 1997, Robertson was one of the many mourners of the said princess.

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