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A Woman Used Her 6 Year-Old Daughter As Payment for Her P20,000 Taxi Fare

It is really dismaying to know that there are some parents could easily abandon their children especially if they are still young enough to handle things on their own.

That is precisely the case of this young woman who seeks out to find the truth about why her mother used her as payment for a debt.

Yuki Garcia, a Filipina-Japanese woman, was used as payment for a contract debt in a taxi driver by her mother when she was 6-years old. Now, she's 28 and makes a living as a tattoo artist in Manila. Her heartbreaking story got viral on various social media and was featured in a TV program "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho."

She is one of the children of Debbie Lopez Garcia. Yuki's mom worked as an entertainer in Japan where she met her Japanese father. Her parent's relationship didn't last long eventually, they split up.

Debbie lived with different guys in Japan which lead her to bear two girls, each with different fathers. Yuki was left with a burden to take care of her sisters while their mother went to work. But at the year of 1996, Debbie's working visa expired, and they were immediately deported back to the Philippines.

When Yuki arrived at Manila, she thought that she'd have more prosperous life because her mother said that they'd be living with her relatives.

Debbie hired a cab driver named Mang Ramon to drive them around manila while they were looking for their relatives. Yuki's mother promised Mang Ramon that they would pay him Php 20,000.

After driving them to different places for months, Debbie couldn't find any of her close tied families. Living without having a decent job, she soon ran out of money and eventually, she couldn't have enough money to support her daughters.

Debbie decided to give up her youngest daughter to social workers and used her eldest daughter, Yuki, as payment for her debt to Mang Ramon. It was devastating for her and barely couldn't grasp the concept that she might never see her sisters and mother again.

Even she was left by her mother, Mang Ramon took care of her. But all through the kindness that Mang Ramon's family had given, she never really felt at home. She was always seeking for a connection which is deeper from the love she never felt. She ran away from her foster home at her young age.

She's already 28 years old and has three children. But one day, one of her children asked her about Yuki's mother. Although she wants to avoid such conversation, it made a point that she needs to search for her mother who abandoned her.

She looked for Mang Ramon and retrieved her old documents that were left by her mother. Yuki went to Sta. Cruz, Laguna in search of her mother. But all of it was put to naught and vain as she never learned any whereabouts of her mother.

She sought help in a TV program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho to aid her in search of Debbie. But after a thorough investigation, the found out that Debbie was not her real name after all. It was just an alias that she used to slip past Japanese authorities while working without a permit.

Her mother's real name is Rowena Ruazol.

Chech out the video below to see Yuki's heartfelt search for her mother:

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