Monday, 4 December 2017

After a Devastating Accident that Led Her to Coma, She Still Managed To Wake Up Just In Time To Take And Pass The Licensure Exam For Teachers

A lot of praises and compliments were given by netizens on social media to a fresh graduate after showcasing an impossible task after surviving an accident. Apparently, she was left in a coma for ten days from that incident and barely made in time just to prepare for the licensure exam for teachers. Eventually, she passed the exam despite after recovering from the brutal condition she took.

Ellen Vida Santos achieved her current state of becoming a licensed teacher through hard work and dedication. She is from Pres. Quirino, a village in Sultan Kudarat, Southern Philippines.

According to a Facebook post on a Facebook page called "All about the Philippines"  that Ellen made it out alive after that mishap and even managed to recover from her traumatic condition. She got confined for a month at the hospital which is appalling for a person to cope with because she had just graduated from her course in Education and wanted to pass the boards desperately.

image: facebook/ Ellen Vida Isla Santos

image: facebook/ Ellen Vida Isla Santos

image: facebook/ Ellen Vida Isla Santos

She underwent a lot of surgeries just to stay alive and was down in coma after the operation for almost ten days. With only a month away from her board exam, she woke up just in time for her preparation. She wasn't able to take the necessary measures in reviewing for the exam.

Some people also said that she should not put much of pressure on herself to take the exam. They said that she should prioritize in recovery instead of pushing her limits and inconveniently stress her body with the review. Even its just a little of preparation, she never gave up on believing that she could pass the licensure exam.

image: facebook/ Ellen Vida Isla Santos

image: facebook/ Ellen Vida Isla Santos

Ellen prayed sincerely to God and sought guidance in passing the exam. Knowing that it is a little chance of passing than those of her peers who took the exam, she did not sway to her dreams and was determined to see it all through.

It shook all of the people who knew her on how she passed the licensure exam which made a lot of people proud and inspired by her story. She showcased an ideal kind of resilience which led people to admire her kindly.

Kudos to you Ellen!

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