Thursday, 21 December 2017

After Having Stroke, This Guy Created A Bionic Arm That Is Connected and Controlled By His Mind

Famously known as “Tawan,” Wayan Sumardana is a 31-year-old man who was able to build a fully-functional hand which is made out of scrap metal and overused machinery in his workshop. He is from the village of Nyuh Tebel in the Karangasem regency. He made this arm after suffering from a mild stroke condition which made his left arm incapable of movement.

Even though he had a physical disability, it never hindered him to become more productive. When he was young, he had already shown a great potential in dealing with any machinery. But because of his health condition, it provided him difficulty on doing his work that’s why he decided to use his knowledge as an electrical engineer to build a machine capable of aiding him on his lost movements. He made a bionic arm out of the trash and used materials.

With his condition, it led his family into some trivial times. And after seeing his son cry because he was starving for food, he then realized that he must do something to provide the needs of his family.

Tawan made a bionic arm capable of doing movements and performed functional tasks through the brain signals which is amplified to be sent in his bionic arm. His headgear receives the brain signal and acts as a neurotransmitter connected to the prosthetic arm.

He explained in his interviews that: “It’s similar to a lie detector. There are electrodes attached to my scalp, whose functions are to take small signals from the head.

These signals would not be detected without this device. The signal is brought forward to an enlarged signal and then taken to the micro-control in my back and transferred to the front. For example, I intend to move this part. Are all part of this activity, but depending on our needs. If the tool is not active, my hand silently sticks to the body. The process works like a dynamo; if there is a shortcut, it remains quiet but spends more energy.”

Tawan became an inspiration to most people who suffer any physical disability. He left a meaningful message to those who struggle as he did by saying: “Life is hard, dying is easy.”

His mechanic shop is open for all of those who wanted to see his inventions.

Check out the video to learn more about Tawan’s bionic arm:

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source: theinsights


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