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American Boy Who Sent a Christmas Present to a Pinay Marries Him After 14 Years

It's been a tradition for some Americans to donate gifts and send to less fortunate kids in different third world countries such as the Philippines. They call it the “Samaritan’s Purse” which is a box that contains a lot of gifts that will be sent during Christmas season to value the thought of kindness through sharing.

One of these gifts made its way to a person that shed light on a story of love that can only be seen in a movie. 

It is also quite fascinating to see that it did bear fruit to a kind of love that is genuinely unique and is rarely seen through these acts.

The story began when Tyrel Wolfe from Idaho filled a box for the Samaritan’s Purse with some valued presence for the Christmas season of the year 2000. He was still a young at that moment and sent a photo of himself with his name and address written at the back.

It made its way to Joana who lives in the Philippine and was also young at that time.

At some point in time, Joana Marchan tried to send a letter of gratitude through snail mail from the gift she received to Tyrel. But for some reason, the letter didn’t reach its way to Tyrel and perhaps had been lost along the way.

Years have passed since then, Joana still searched for Tyrel. Joana had the chance to know Tyrel through Facebook, but he keeps on ignoring her friend requests for months. It took long enough for him to accept Joana and they become friends.

For months, they started chatting from time to time, and it seems these two acquaintances, turned into a friendship, and have a chance at romance. 

Tyrel had fallen in love with Joana and decided to visit her in the Philippines. It was a memorable moment for Joana as she felt a great deal of excitement as she was about to see Tyrel in person. She got so thrilled and admitted that she wept in tears as she finally sees him for the first time.

Tyrel believed that their love was meant by God and was destined to link through His Grace. It seems that it is just another penpal story, but indeed it had shown a great kind of selfless act of sharing love returned in kind.

They are now living happily with their cute little baby boy.

Watch this heartfelt video:

What are your thoughts about these two? Isn’t it amazing to find love strangely? Share your thoughts with this article!

source: danified


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