Thursday, 21 December 2017

By Making Videos On YouTube This 7-Year-Old Kid Manage to Earn $11 Million In 2017 All Alone

If you have a young child in your house and fond of watching YouTube videos, your child impossibly hasn't seen and heard Ryan's Toy Review.

It is a Youtube channel where Ryan, the host himself is doing toy reviews. He is a 7-year-old-kid who appeared to show different board games and toys that they also use to play in their videos.

Ryan started his toy-review channel when he is at the early age of three supported by his parents. Being a kid, he initially begins with just playing his toys and doing a review and later on asked his mom and dad if he can use his personal YouTube channel.

They produce one video and display it in public which began in March 2015.

source: youtube

Ryan's initial video was of him purchasing a toy in a shop and returning home playing with it. For the record, the video has reached over 30 million views of his advocates. Last July 2015, a trending video they've posted with a theme of Disney's Cars.

His YouTube channel increased and had a fantastic 10 million subscribers which solitarily supplying them $1 million a month. Aside from that are advertisements and some other views.
Forbes Magazine also titles Ryan as one of the year's highest-earning YouTube personality.

source: youtube

At first, he was accompanied by his dad and visually seen while his mom is the one capturing and documenting their videos. But later, that was November 2016. Her mom shows herself together with his twin sister Emma and Kate which was recently born that time.

In accordance to this, they had another YouTube channel where they show their journey as one great family and titled it as "Ryan's Family Review" and they appeared to be spending the day happily.

source: youtube

A lot of their viewers and supporters felt glad for them especially when the twins, Kate and Emma are learning to walk. Not similar to Ryan, which had first seen when he was 3 years old, their subscribers can watch Emma and Kate together with their achievements.

Based on Elite Readers, Ryan had his whole family had produced around $11 million dollars pretax this year 2017 alone.

source: rachfeed


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