Monday, 18 December 2017

Couple Accidentally Found a Rusted Can Filled With Treasures While Walking With Their Dog

Not on a couple's imagination living for a long time on their property will reveal something valuable and precious placed and found underneath the ground.

The said couple took a walk on their property accompanied by their dog and have taken same tracks for a lot of times but this time, it happened so differently that they found a rusty covered can protrude out of the surface and they decided to take a look and visualize what's inside.

The couple was only specified as Mary and John for safety purposes as well as for protection. John attempted to remove it from the ground but is well attached that initiates him to hold a stick and poke the can up from the ground.

After taking it out, they had difficulty in bringing the can to their house because it is greatly dense nearly seeing what's inside due to the cracked lid showing some edges of precious coins.

After they distinctly recognized and realized what does the can have inside, they are determined to get some tools and look for other cans buried nearby where they saw the first can. And close by, they had found another can holding more gold coins.

With their vigorous endeavor, a total of 1427 gold coins in eight cans was discovered. The total amount of coins reached $27, 980 but later on has an estimated value of $10 million.

These precious coins include twenty-dollar coins amounting to $27, 460, ten-dollar coins worth $500 and five-dollar coins worth $20 which are all dated between 1847 to 1894.

I felt awesome that I also want to walk my dog around and will tremble finding some treasure too. Well, anyone is allowed to wish and make aspirations. Overall, it was a magnificent finding experience.

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source: phtrending


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