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Despite of Her Gorgeous Looks British Girl That Looks Like Barbie Still Bullied By Men

A lot of people gets ridiculed and harassed often because of their unique appearance despite their kindness. They get mistreated because they are different or somehow strangely apart like some other people.

Being undesirable to the standards of other people makes it hard for certain individuals to cope up with their lives. Some people only need acceptance for them to be appreciated and also be respected as a person.

Hannah Gregory is a 22-year old woman that works as a model and been tagged as the Living Barbie Doll in Britain. Despite having good looks, a lot of people kept on bashing her and ridicules her. She also states that she also has a hard time on finding a real love because of her looks.

She told in her interviews that: “I find a lot of individuals come to be stressed with me as a result of my appearance. Boys who I’ve never truly spoken with in the past, will all of a sudden approach me and also tell me just how much they like me and also wish to be with me. But they don’t also know that I am within– they just like the way I look. Guys see me as a doll as well as immediately sexualize me.”

She also stated that: “Boys are not thinking about being familiar with my personality and also past. So right now, I’m just great being solitary.”

Hannah is a student from Skegby, Nottinghamshire. She had a 22-inch waistline with a very sexy figure. She is exceptional beyond compare to her peers, and in fact, she is called the “British Barbie Doll.” While she excels her fame on the social media, her personal life wasn’t easy at all. She always gets a lot of mistreatment as a lady in front of men.

She noted in her statement that: “I’m happy to be called the “British human Barbie” and see my photos on fan web pages. I think human Barbies are excellent, they look remarkable as well as they do not care if individuals believe they look weird.”

Apparently, she has been overused and also slammed in real life that even her family members choose not to walk with her as they couldn’t take care of the abuse being thrown at her. Hannah states passers-by make rude comments in the street.

Life was not that fair at all as she always gets abused by other people. Her family doesn’t even bother to come near her despite the fact that she always gets harassed.

Hannah elaborated that: “When I leave your house, individuals laugh as well as shout discourteous comments at me. My family members do not prefer to go out with me since they hate seeing people being mean to me in public. It’s tough to discover a sweetheart as well. Frequently, people will become enamored with my look as well as tell me how much they like me.”

But they’re not interested in being familiar with my character– they just see me like a doll. But the abuse does not bother me, I rejoice and adorable as a doll. When people yell ‘Barbie’ at me on the street, I take it as a praise! I’m pleased to be called a human Barbie,” she added.

She was never boastful when it comes to her looks and always kept a humble character. In fact, she always felt awkward regarding her beautiful appearance and believed she was still lacking. Until she tried to be more confident, she accepted her “Human Barbie” tag and started dressing up fashionably. She is indeed one of a kind person.

Hannah also explained her chosen style and stated that: “I enjoy using brief pink skirts and outfit– anything that looks cute and also points that a Barbie princess would certainly favour. I put on heels constantly. I desire the doll lifestyle but as a pupil, it could be difficult. I need to market a great deal of my garments so I could afford to purchase brand-new ones.”

Regardless of other people say, she is indeed a charmer when it comes to fashion. A lot of people gets intimidated by her and tells that it is hard to approach her that’s why a lot of men gets a hard time talking to her.

Until Hannah met the “real-life Ken doll” on August of 2016. He loved Hannah so much that he even wards of all of her harassers and bashers. Both of the two has a lot to share their same preferences in life!

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