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Forensic Scientists Reveal The Real Face of Jesus Christ

Most Christian people believed that Jesus Christ looked like a Caucasian guy who had a long brown hair with facial beard and light skin complexion. But according to some research, He doesn’t seem to look exactly the way we depicted him to be as Renaissance painters had shown through their artwork.

Dr. Richard Neave and his forensic team believed that those painters that featured Jesus Christ in their masterpieces have been wrong all this time. Dr. Neave, now a retired medical artist, had worked eagerly and led his forensic group in recreating the face of the Jesus, Son of God.

With the aid of the new technology, his team made an advanced forensic study on Semite skulls. They had claimed that Jesus probably had dark skin, wide face, and a short curly hair.

According to their research, Christ had a dark complexion with dark eyes that look exactly like Middle Eastern Jews as you could see in the portrait.

Most people may don’t like the features that were revealed, but most Jewish people in Galilee are in the Middle East at that time. Despite the clamor of other people that against it, several experts also believed the accuracy of Dr. Neave’s revelation on Christ’s facial features rather than the painters’ depiction.

Most artists based their work on fascination and hearsay towards Christ and rendered it look so majestic and captivating.

But still, they don’t have enough evidence to support their claim of having a distinct depiction of Christ’s facial features. Mainly, because they don’t have the real skeleton of Christ to confirm the exact shape of the face and also because the Bible nor the old scriptures couldn’t provide any information to claim it.

With Dr. Neave’s team of forensic anthropology, They recreated the closest theory behind the real face of Christ.

They had retrieved credible information from the old archives and any archeological findings in the old Israel. Neave and his team utilized their findings and x-rayed three Semite skulls that were discovered by archeologists.

Having these kinds of advanced technology in their forensic research, the accuracy of portraying the facial feature of Chrisy surely increased.

Specific calculations regarding on the tomography of Eastern people in the Middle East. They had uncovered structural details that could be used in comparison to the likeliness of Christ’s face. They also measured his skin complexion and even the muscular physique of Christ. They used 3D imaging to reconstruct his face along with the skull. They also utilized their theory regarding on the specific details on his nose, lips and even the eyes.

A professor of anthropology, Allison Galloway, of the University of California stated his reaction towards their project and said that:
“This is probably a lot closer to the truth than the work of many great masters.”

It may seem trivial to some, but regardless of it, it seems that a lot of people surely get inspired by Christ.

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