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Former Child Star Chantal Umali Tell Her Story On How She Said Goodbye to Her Chubby Figure

It's not that simple for being a mom to shred off the weight gain from pregnancy easily. Women gain an average mass of 25 to 35 pounds or more during childbearing months that is according to WebMD.

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

After giving birth, all moms also need to recover from the delivery that's why it's not that easy to lose all the bulges that were gained from months of increasing weight. They also don't have enough time to focus on themselves because they have to take care of their newly born child and do a lot of responsibilities.

Chantal Umali is one of the moms that we are talking about. Throughout her career in showbiz, she was already “chubby” as an artist back then. But she was a famous child star back then with the 90’s classical hit in a hot dog commercial “Goodbye, Carlo.”

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

She had a hard time doing labor, and it was truly challenging for her to give birth to her daughter Elliana. But through her struggle to become fit, she managed to shed off at least 60 pounds from her weight of 182 pounds after engaging in yoga and exercise.

It was not an easy task to get fit after her pregnancy. She revealed in an interview with last July 2014 and stated that: "I was at a point na parang feeling ko nagawa ko na lahat. I've done everything that I can to be in my best shape, and the problem are still there."

"So I was at a point na, 'Okay, I'm just gonna accept that I have sagging skin and a big belly and big thighs. I was doing the physical exercise, I was consciously trying not to eat so much. I was at that point I was working on myself, but it wasn't producing the results that I wanted. So parang self-acceptance na, 'Okay, love yourself, tanggapin na natin,' ganyan,” Chantal added.

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

 Without a doubt, she didn’t give up in her fight to get fit. She tried a non-invasive treatment in a slimming center to help her reduce the size of her waist and shrink it from 28 to 25 inches. It helps her reduce the size of her clothes to get slimmer in all accounts

Chantal even remembered as she went about the procedure and said that: "I was kinda skeptical because I've been working on my legs all my life 'cause I was born with talagang big thighs. And then one day, I wake up, I stood up, and then I felt like I was walking funny.”

She also explained that: "Sabi ko there's something wrong with the way I'm walking, there's something different. And then, I realized that what was different was my thighs weren't rubbing against each other!"

Chantal’s weight is currently at 108 pounds.

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

She explained that it is very important to indulge oneself in some treats too. As a mom, they also need to feel a little bit bliss once in a while.

"If you're a Filipina mother, working mother, and you spend on yourself...people are gonna tell you, 'Parang ang selfish mo namanginastusan mo yung sarili mo.'
"But it's not a bad thing to take care of yourself, you know.” She explained.

She incited that: "I have a daughter, and I want my daughter to see na if you take care of yourself, if you spend money on yourself, you make yourself feel good, you make yourself feel better, you're healthier.

IMAGE Courtesy of Instagram (@chantalmercado)

She also told in her very insightful notion that: “It's a good investment. Lalo na Filipinos, we're so judgmental, di ba? If a mother or a wife spends money to take care of herself, some will say, 'Bakit hindi mo na lang i-save 'yan para sa anak mo?' There's so much judgement. But in fact, we work better when we feel better about ourselves, di ba? When you have your own kid, and you're working and trying to raise your child or whatever, it doesn't mean na pababayaan mo na yung sarili mo. It doesn't mean na you let yourself go because that's even more na dapat you should be taking care of yourself. Because you're spreading yourself thin all the time.”

She made a great deal of effort! What are your thoughts about Chantal? Share it with this article!



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