Friday, 1 December 2017

"I Have Cysts All Over" Denise Laurel Reveals That Her Health Is Affected By Her Lifestyle and Sleep Deprivation

A lot of people tend to have difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most of them couldn't even perfectly trace the abnormality inside their body, and they only probably notice these problems when it's already too late.

Sometimes they only feel a little like much of these changes, but apparently, it is worse than they thought it would. That's exactly what Denise Laurel is trying to overcome right now. She is having problems in her body because of too much work that affected some parts all over her body.

After becoming the grand winner of a contest in a TV show in ABS-CBN, "Your Face Sounds Familiar 2," she noticed a little bit odd on her body.

She had an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on November 24 that was held at the Wellness Moms event of P&G Philippines and Robinsons Supermarket. She told that “I couldn’t understand because I was so healthy, I was working out, I was doing soap and Your Face at the same time, pero I was gaining weight.”

“Yun pala that’s my body, it’s stressed na. “My body started acting up,” she noted.

At the early age of 15, she was discovered by Star Magic’s Johnny Manahan in a play of Repertory Philippines. But before that, she’s already been performing on the theater stage and honing her talent in acting.

Now that she's 29-years old, all of the stress that built up in her body just drastically showed up. Denise emphasized in her interview, “Twenty-one years of non-stop working and pushing myself to the limits sometimes, which I love to do.

“Nobody forced me, I loved to do that. “I was younger, fit, because I exercise, what could go wrong, right?” She asked.

Her advice to all that they also need to take care of their body and at least make sure that they have a clean bill of health by doing an all-around check-up of their body.

“They found a mass in my breast, my lymph nodes, and in my ovaries. “I have cysts all over!” She exclaimed.

The main reason for her problems was "puyat." She even revealed that she even do a lot of exercises even she had a little or adequate sleep which eventually brought a lot of stress towards her body.

As she told that “No one is invincible,” she believed that most people would break if they build too much of stress in their body.

Last June, Denise shared a video which is posted on her Instagram account and said that:

“I know some of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to. I’ve been on a break, getting healthy, and today is a beautiful day because I just found out I do not have cancer.”

“I’m gonna have to take out some of them. In time, there’s no rush. But I’ve already taken out half of what’s inside my breast, pero I dunno, I don’t like operations, e. “So I’m gonna do it little by little. “And I’m not taking any medication because it messes with your system."

“And I wanna be good, energetic mom for my son.”

Denise has a 5-year old son, Alejandro, that she loves so much.

To make an effort in changing her lifestyle, she said that she would do a lot of things. She told that:

“First, do not take sleep for granted. I also catch naps whenever I can.”Second, she changed her diet: “no sugar, less sodium.”

We hope that would recover soon so that she could return to the spotlight again! Share this article!


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