Monday, 11 December 2017

Silipin ang Napakalaking White Mansion ni Jackie Chan na Nagkakahalaga ng $12.25 Million o Higit Kumulang 600 Milyong Piso

Martial Artist, film director, and producer Jackie Chan has been famous for his martial arts with a different twist in style mixing with screwball comedy and has been visible for over 150 films resulting inclusion in the Hollywood walk of fame Avenue of stars and the stars of Hongkong.

Chan has a huge contribution, a benefactor in the society doing it all for a good cause. Hongkong's defiant, inspiring and renowned superstar, Jackie Chan patiently went through long years of diligence and a lot of injuries to reach an excellent success by way of doing it in his early years in Hongkong's martial arts industry.

In accordance with Chan's success, he possesses a beautiful arisen creation French Villa located in Beverly Hills just North of Sunset Boulevard.

Based on a newspaper in Los Angeles, LA Times, Chan acquired this home year in 1998 and sold it after 8 years. The property built in 1986 has been listed recently with a whopping $12.25 million or roughly 612.5M in pesos. It has 30,000 sq ft. Area and approximately 7600 sq. Ft. of space that can occupy living.

An entrance of double iron gates going to the large motor court includes a fountain and an extraordinary garden space.

A luxuriant estate does have a striking 2 story formal entrance, an extremely attractive living room, sophisticated formal dining area, a wood-paneled family room that has a step-down bar and an elegant kitchen with a centerpiece in it and a private dining area.

Let's see what's inside:

The second floor's endpoint is a sitting room bad that connects to an amazing master bedroom suite emphasizing a grand fireplace, private sitting room, walk-in closets and an elegant marble bath.

About one-third of the acre includes a recreational structure/indigenous hut with a built-in barbecue. It also has an area to spend dinner outdoor and a very impressive swimming pool with a spa and a waterfall.

A wide-ranging backyard offers a calm and relaxed environment and a wonderful area for accommodation with a flagstone veranda, pool, and a waterfall spa, barbecue and an outdoor place to eat dinner.

Jackie Chan is genuinely one of film industry's original actor, stuntman, producer, and director in one- he has contributed his thoughts and ambitions with perseverance to be an iconic international star.

Off the screen, he has been a benefactor making generous donations to schools and universities all over the world. Chan is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and he organized against abuse of animals and pollution. He also helped calamity reliefs to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami victims.

source: livelovelaugh


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