Monday, 4 December 2017

Look: Maja Salvador Performing a Risky Stunt In a Helicopter for Wildflower TV Series

Maja Salvador is the leading star of high rating tv series entitled 'Wildflower' broadcast in ABC-CBN every weekday at 5:45 pm.

In a taping Maja seen performing a risky stunt with Dawn Chang. According to an article published by KAMI that Maja has no double to perform the stunt and flying scene.

As seen in a video she uploaded into her Instagram account, Maja has no safety gear and precaution to support her from this dangerous stunt which is hanging on a Helicopter, she even reached 15-20 ft which are more dangerous for her.

It is very rare to see a female star doing such dangerous stunts, it seems Maja want's to give her best just to make it perfect and makes it more exciting for the viewers watching their show.

Maja gained a lot of praises from Netizen for doing the dangerous stunt without fear.

Imagine hanging in a moving chopper? Isn't it scary to do such thing? But for Maja, she is doing her best to make the scene more intense showing her face hanging in a Chopper without using any double to imitate her.

Wildflower is a revenge drama television series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida and worldwide on the Filipino Channel performed by an ensemble cast.

The story is about Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador), The beautiful woman who wants justice and revenge for the death of her parents against the Family Ardiente.

What are your thoughts on the risky stunt perform by MAJA? share us your opinion by leaving a comment.

source: KAMI


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