Thursday, 7 December 2017

Mariel's No Tv Policy With Baby Isabella: "BAWAL ANG CARTOONS!" Gains Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Mariel Padilla proves that she is a loving mom but at some point a truly strict parent that wants the best for her baby. Mariel Posted on her Instagram account that she doesn't allow baby Isabella to watch the TV. 

The post gained a lot of mixed reaction from the Netizens and shared their insights about it. Some approve about it, yet some do not.

It appears that she thrives on what's best for her daughter even a lot of people tells that it is undesirable for taking it away from her baby.

She posted on her Instagram account a video of baby Isabella watching his father, Robin, on the TV when he visited a show on ABS-CBN "Magandang Buhay".

"She is never allowed to watch tv... hehe but now I allowed her just for a while because dad is on Magandang Buhay!!!" #MBRobinPadilla," Mariel captioned in her post.

Mariel only allowed her daughter to watch the TV because of her father's is the guest of the show. But according to Mariel, she will not allow her to watch TV, ever, even cartoons as well.

A lot of netizens quickly reacted about the post and shared their thoughts about it. Some protected the side of Mariel and even said that some doctors usually advise it to prevent the babies from indulging in some mature contents for the children. 

Although there are claims that they do it with their children, some doesn't agree with it and questions her capability as a mom. But who are we to judge Mariel as a mother to Isabella? It seems that she is the most desirable mom to limit the things that her child needs to avoid.

It is unavoidable to notice that there are some people are concerned about Isabella, but it is Mariel who knows what's best for her child. What's important is that she gives her full support and love to baby Isabella.

Here are some of Netizens Reaction:

We hope that Isabella grows as a wonderful kid. Share your thoughts about this article!

source: KAMI


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