Monday, 4 December 2017

Meet the 92-Year-Old Lady and the Oldest Employee of McDonald Who Inspired a Lot of Netizens

There are a lot of old people out there who do have many of health-related condition which affects their lifestyle. Some of these old people should retire to work because they need more time to rest to ensure their safety in life. Well, at the age of 90 or above, it is hard for them to cope up with work to reserve their energy and also to avoid problems that may cause any harm to themselves.

Because in these age bracket, they must be confined to their beds and lessen the risk of life deterioration.

Even though there is a limitation to what they are capable of doing, some of these older people thrive more for life as if they are still capable of doing anything they can just to feel active and alive. Being blessed with these circumstances, Madam Goh Gwek Eng of Bedok, Singapore sets an example that despite being old, they are still capable of doing a lot of things and must not be quickly judged with their fragile body.

Madam Goh is perfectly healthy at the age of 92 as she is still working as the oldest McDonald’s Employee. It is pleasing to learn that the company branch of McDonald’s gave Madam Goh a chance and accepted her as their employee despite her old age. She is still persevering and hard working. I can’t even imagine my life at 92 could be capable of working.

Madam Goh was never an employee of McDonald’s before yet she has been a housewife most of her life. Even before when she had lived with her five kids, she had never thought of working in her life that’s why she always did best in being a housewife. Now, all of her children have their own respective families that gave her 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

Madam Goh didn’t have much to do with her life that’s why she sought to aid with one of her granddaughters who was working at McDonald’s in Bedok Interchange. It is a 20-minute walk which is quite near to their house that is why she took the job.

Her expertise in the kitchen also helped her land a position in the McDonald’s food chain. Although she had a bit of problem in carrying heavy stuff, she never had enough problem in cooking. Her co-workers are also kind enough to assist Madam Goh in doing some hard labor.

Being a McDonald’s employee is a work that demands to much physical labor which is very detrimental for Madam Goh’s age. But as long as the company see fit and prioritizes Madam Goh’s health, they would lovingly allow her to work that keeps her active which gives a feeling of a sense of self-worth for her.

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source: rachfeed


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