Monday, 18 December 2017

Meet RIka Ishige the World's Most Gorgeous But Dangerous Thai MMA Fighter

Attendants of this petite fighter astonished by her undefeated organized moves, making her famous as "The Smiling Assasin."

The 28-year-old warrior reaches her stardom quickly in the MMA globe, in previous month protecting and shielding her 2nd consecutive finish against Indonesian fighter Nita Dean with a remarkable rear-naked choke.

Nevertheless, this shocking martial arts hero surprised her devotees with a video clip undergoing training which was uploaded to her Instagram page, with large numbers of people blown their minds said so "adorable" can also be a ferocious fighter.

"You are adorable – never underestimate a baby-faced assassin,” one audience commented.

Another stated: “Rika I adore you, so cute but so powerful.”

This half-Thai, half-Japanese Rika Ishige has been categorized as one of the fifty percent of Mixed Martial Arts very first "power pair" with the help of her known boyfriend also a fighter named Shannon Wiratchai.

Both, expound approximately seeing each other for 3 years, usually on their training for MMA battles together.

Both contenders finished their primary card of One: the Warrior Kingdom in Thailand last March precisely that same night. At that moment, Wiratchai stated a joke: "I do not know for her, but for me directly I believe I could handle it.

“It’s going to be ok for me because if she was there and didn’t have a fight, she could be annoying you know.

“I think because she has her own fight, she has her own focus so that at least from my perspective it is a good thing.”

At one point, Sports Illustrated hottie Mia Kang has held off her modeling to continue her career in the MMA world of fighting.

This remarkable Muay Thai fighter has been doing her training for six months now preparing for her debut fight in MMA- and her advocates can wait to see her also.

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