Friday, 8 December 2017

Meet Scarlet Snows Baby Sitter Analu Araujo a Real Life International Model

Scarlet Snow Belo is genuinely a sensational iconic baby in the social media. A lot of people follow her on the internet because of her bubbliness and overloading cuteness.

Being the daughter of one of the most popular dermatologists in the Philippines, Scarlet Snow proves to be the most privileged child not just because she has a celebrity parent but also has a babysitter who is an international model.

Meet Analu Araujo, a Brazilian Model who works at Wilhelmina models, an international modeling agency.  This agency is the same agency that offered a career to Liza Soberano.

Analu became famous on different platforms of social media before because of her gorgeous beauty that captivates the eyes of many.

The video that was posted online shows a great deal of connection between Scarlet and Analu.

Check out this video of two while bonding together:

But it seems that Analu’s fondness with Scarlet is more than just being a nanny.

Do you think that Analu work for the Belo and Kho Family? Because if you ask the opinion of some netizen, they would say that it is a bit offending on the part of Analu to be a babysitter since she was an international model. And maybe she looks after Scarlet and only visits her because of her affection towards the baby, not just someone who is being paid just to take care of scarlet.

A lot of netizens claims that Analu was Scarlet’s surrogate mother who carried and delivered Scarlet Snow. But this was just rumors which spread in various social media posts. Even if this was true, a lot of people would still love Scarlet and would only wish for her good will.

What are your thoughts on the video of Scarlet and Analu? Do you think they are just fond of each other? Or do you think that the rumors about Scarlet Snow’s surrogate mother is Analu?

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source: healthstagram


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