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Meet The Twins With Different Skin Colors But Equally Beautiful

Most people think that almost all identical twins must possess the same behavior and mannerism despite their similarities in their physical appearance.

Apparently, these are the types that are more common to some, yet there are also twins who are very different from each other. An example of it was Maria and Lucy Aylmer. They are one of those many genuinely unusual twins with their difference in their physical traits.

According to Science Alert, Maria and Lucy were born in 1997. They had a father of a Caucasian origin and their mother, half-Jamaican.

They are both an example of a fraternal twin which is also known as non-identical twins. Both of them came from the two eggs of their mother which had been fertilized by their fathers two sperm cells, unlike the identical twins that formed from one egg that’s why the fraternal twins don’t have the genetic similarities.



Donna was half Jamaican and half British that’s why Maria and Lucy had a different genetic code. Lucy got her distinct trait with a fair skin type from her mother’s British blood.

Upon the delivery of Lucy and Maria, everyone got skeptical and quite shocked with the result. Her peers often ridicule the signature trait of Lucy’s skin tone.


In Lucy’s younger days, she was often picked by bullies and taunts her because of her odd color. She shared in her interview to Newsner, “They thought I was adopted and called me a ghost.”

Among the five siblings, Lucy was the fairest. Lucy told that “Our brothers and sisters have skin which is in between Maria and I. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and they are all somewhere in between.”



Although Maria’s sister gets ridiculed, she always adored Lucy. She always wished to be just like her sister. She said that “I used to cry often. I had curly hair. I wanted my sister’s beautiful, red hair.”

They also have different tastes in their interests and perspective in life although a lot of people expects that they are much alike because they are twins.



Maria favored fashion and have been a friendly-natured person while Lucy is more of timid-type and loves art. Despite their differences, both have shown a unique fondness for each other and always wants to be together just like best friends.

Watch this video to learn more about the two:

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source: TNP


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