Sunday, 10 December 2017

An Ice Cream Vendor Floating and Selling In the Middle of an Ocean Went Viral After a Netizen Share His Photos on Social Media

One of the hardest jobs is to be an ice cream vendor, most especially here in the Philippines where only two seasons exists and hot climate runs longer through the year. Plus, getting stuck on busy streets at daytime, we need to take into consideration perishable goods be transported as soon as possible to maintain it's freshness and temperature.

Recently, a netizen named Abbey Ann Hernandez untold a story of a man who sells ice cream in the middle of an ocean and took pictures of him.

Based on her Facebook post, she initially tells that this man is just swimming around while carrying a styrofoam box. As she stated, it has ice cream products inside it.

As of the moment, her post had reached an amazing 11k thumbs up and reactions, 12k+ shares and 26++ comments from social media netizens.

A lot of them tagged "#KMJS," wanted the famous lifestyle magazine tv program to tell and present his story in the coming days.

image via facebook/abbeyann.hernandez

The TV show usually features different untold stories living that will serve as inspiration and became famous even in the digital world.

Thus, as of this moment, there is still no episode has seen regarding this man selling ice cream while his swimming in an ocean, even though people tagged it with the KMJS.

image via facebook/abbeyann.hernandez

As seen in Hernandez's post, she bought an ice drop/popsicle stick from this man revealing the true situation. That same time, she and her family seemed to be transferring from one boat to another that made them float on the sea.

image via facebook/abbeyann.hernandez

It's never been revealed if the man is regularly selling his ice cream products in the ocean or just passing by. There is a possibility that he tries to swim from one side to the other and happened to see by Abbey Ann and her family.

----Here are some people's comments on social media :

image source: TNP

What are your thoughts about the inspiring story of this ice cream vendor? Share us your opinion by leaving a comment in the comment section. 

souce: TNP


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