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She Is Popularly Known as "BASKETBALL GIRL" Who Lost Her Legs On an Accident But Later On Became a Swimming Champion

In 2002, a girl named Qing Hongyan in China had a shocking car accident that made her legs amputated. In such a way, her grandfather thought of something that might help her get around. While in a matter of hardships, Qian continues her goal wanting to be a swimmer and later become a champion in China.

Yunnan, China, where the story of a little girl named Qian Hongyan came from. This innocent girl was known to be called as "Basketball Girl" was sufficiently tranquil and has a happy life.

She didn't anticipate that she will go through a catastrophic injury that would turn her life different from the usual.

It is a serious accident happened to the 4-year-old Qian in the year 2000. Doctors need to take away and cut her legs to protect her and withstand complications that might occur. His family can't support her medical needs including artificial feet and prescriptions that will significantly help her recovery.

Consequently, Qian continues to live but with an inactive and unpleasant life. She had nothing to do but to remain inside the house and incompetent to do normal kids do. 

Thinking and giving herself shame on others and prevent built self-confidence. Unimaginably, her grandfather comes to think of a way that can help her take away the uneasiness and worries.

Qian's grandfather comes up his way back home with a basketball and tore away some parts making it fit and link it to her legs. Then, he also made wooden handles which will support her weight.

From then on, she was famous and called as 'Basketball Girl'This was an unforgettable time in her life. She shared:

“From the very beginning when I started using it, I became incredibly happy. For the first time, I felt I could finally get out of bed, out of the room and out into the yard, and had a much bigger space to play in, a much bigger world.”

That event in her life moved and opened out unexpectedly became famous all around the globe. With a number people who gave donations and financial assistance, Qian had the opportunity to walk and acquire artificial legs. 

Moving forward, she finished primary school. Due to her family's incapable of supporting her that time, she can't continue schooling. It is a heartfelt situation for her and comes up to thinking a different way to reach success.

As stated in the Daily Mail, she was given support and confidence to join South of the Cloud which is a group of people with disabilities in the locale of China. 

She pushed herself to the extent and recovered from her difficult situation that motivated her to become an excellent swimmer. It is all been answered when she became one of the qualifiers for 2009 Paralympics, having one gold medal and two silver medals. 

Through her courage and willpower, Qian reached success and quickly maintain winning a great number of national competitions and awards all over China.

Now, Qian's life and experiences served as an inspiration to everyone that a 'Basketball Girl' can face challenges and become successful. Qian confessed it was hard to swim and professionally join the competition. In spite of the fact that it's ok not to move on, but instead she challenges herself and fights. 

The accident paralyzed her physically but not her heart to win the battle.

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