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Take Another Look At Aleksis Corbi's Life the Woman Behind The Trending Post "When Puberty Hits You Hard"

Social media is becoming more exciting to use if you are seeking for inspiring stories, trending news, and other things that will relieve your boredom.

Many of our fellow netizens posted their old photos when they were still young and compared to their newest pictures that are quite different from before.

This thing became quite viral, and one of the most interesting posts that garnered a lot of shares and likes came from Aleksis Corbi.

She became famous on different social media platform as her physical transformation shocked most of all the netizens who had seen her maturity blossom through her shares pictures.

She is quite familiar to a lot of people because of her shared album on Facebook that showed her drastic changes when she’s still a child. It became viral very recently back in March 2017.

It was more like a “metamorphosis” according to FHM Philippines as it emphasized on the series of pictures that posted on Facebook.

According to the source, Aleksis Corbi is a 19-year old graduating student of De La Salle University in Dasmariñas Cavite where she is taking up Tourism Management. She also stated that she wants to become a flight attendant someday.

A post shared by Aleksis Corbi (@corbiyutiful) on

A post shared by Aleksis Corbi (@corbiyutiful) on

A post shared by Aleksis Corbi (@corbiyutiful) on

Aleksis also stated that she likes to do a lot of different things such as discovering new food spots and coffee shops just like any other people that are free-spirited and wants to try new things.

A post shared by Aleksis Corbi (@corbiyutiful) on

She is also quite a traveler as she wants to visit Hermana Menor in Zambales very soon. It is an excellent place for a vacation because it is a remote area with a private beach resort that entrails white sand and showcases a very lovely, crystal-clear blue waters which is according to the Pinoy Traveler.

A post shared by Aleksis Corbi (@corbiyutiful) on

She also wanted to explore different countries and learn various culture through her travels. She cited in her interview that: “I suggest you explore the hidden beaches in the country. Read articles and blogs before going there. That’s what I do! You’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover.”

Aleksis also expressed her dream destination in an interview that she wished to travel Santorini, Greece which is said to be one of the most sought-after places for tourists and travelers.

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