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The Story of an Old Man from New Zealand Who Got Scammed By His Pinay Ex-Girlfriend Went Viral On Social Media

It seems that a lot of people gets hurt by their gruesome loved ones just to get what they want from that certain person. It gives a lot of heartaches especially if you have given everything you had because of loyalty and deep affection. Although it may be hard for someone to accept such tragedy, one must let go and move on even if they had taken everything from you. 

The story of Brian Laurence will show you how he struggled to start over again. He was originally from New Zealand and went to the Philippines to meet her friend from social media.

He shared his story with Joy Dondan who posted the story on Facebook. The post gained a lot of reactions and shares with the dismay and sadness of the readers from the heard story.

In her story, Brian Laurence, 61-years old, runs a small business in Kidapawan. He was selling vegetables in a small land that he grows. But before that, it was not all that good for him because eight years ago, Brian was in a relationship with a girl who he met online.

It was a cruel love for him as his lover had siphoned all his money little by little to lessen his suspicion. She deceived him by saying that she was investing business for them. She also said that she bought a house that they were living in from his money.

Brian only had learned the truth too late as the house was just being leased to them. All of it was just some nasty schemes that were played off by her partner to swindle all his money. He has been forced to move from his house because they failed to pay the rent.

Brian also found out that his girlfriend was not a real woman. It was too late for him to regain all his money and by that time, he could no longer find her whereabouts. Without any assets, friends, nor even some relatives here in the Philippines, his future was somewhat problematic.

Even though he has a lot of misfortunes, he has never been left out alone in his misery. He chose to live in the Philippines instead of going back to New Zealand and started a new life. With the help of his friends that he met in Kidapawan, Brian started his own business which he works on his own.

He started to grow some crops and field work on his land. He usually sells his hard-earned efforts by going a door-to-door service to make friends by his costumes. The story who posted the post encourages the readers to buy his organic, fresh vegetables from Brian.

via facebook.com: Joy Dondan

via facebook.com: Joy Dondan

In the video which is attached to the post, a woman could be seen buying a lot of Brian’s product. When he was asked why he didn’t ask for any aid from his embassy to return to New Zealand, Brian said he doesn’t want to leave the Philippines yet.

He also stated that he wants to share his story so that a lot of people could learn from his mistakes and overcome every trial that life throws at them.

Watch the video below:

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source: tnp.today


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