Friday, 22 December 2017

This Man Goes Viral After He Was Carried By His Girlfriend To Avoid Wetting His Luxurious Leather Shoes From The Flood

A woman from Wuhan, China gets viral on social media as she was seen carrying his boyfriend in her back to prevent his shoes from getting wet.

Due to heavy rainstorms, most of the southern cities in China gets flooded and made difficult for pedestrians to travel by walking. Along the flooded roads, a scene was immediately caught by a camera and made quite commotion on social media.

A girl instantly gets famous as she piggybacks his boyfriend to save his leather shoes from the flood. She made a great effort despite the size of his boyfriend.

Having those pictures on social media, a lot of netizens gets furious about their notion of how insensitive his boyfriend to allow his girlfriend carry him through the flood.

Despite the issue, she still defended her boyfriend. She told that it would be tough to clean those leather shoes if it gets soaked in muddy water. She also stated that she is wearing sandals at that time.

Along the course of the comments of the viral photo, one netizen said that “I would definitely marry that girl if I were the lucky guys. Where can I find a girl like that?”

Another netizen also stated his reaction towards the man and said that: “What a joke man?.. take off your shoes.”

Some people even started calling him names because he allowed such ridiculous act.

It also occurred back in 2014, where a similar photo spreads on social media that caused an outrage on social media where a woman was also seen carrying his boyfriend while wearing a pair of high heels. A person shared his resentments and stated that: “I am confused about whether this is misogyny or a triumph of feminism.”

A lot of people couldn’t accept these kinds of acts on social media. Some people even think that they are just doing such things out of fun.

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source: readersportal


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