Wednesday, 13 December 2017

This Woman Was Once a Plus-Sized Before But After Five Years She Inspired a Lot of Netizen With Her Jaw-Dropping Transformation

As of today admit it or not, a lot of people show intimidation especially to plus-sized women, the hardest part is going to the degree of giving out the names.

Others disregard it intentionally while others respond to the situation with a sweet revenge. Let's see an example of a plus-sized woman after 5 years sharing her dramatic story.

One of the online citizen named Rizza Jane Robles Paragas shares her experience not noticing and acknowledged by men in the past.  Based on her statement, due to her weight men frequently unnoticed her. Being a full-figured woman, she has been an attraction and tormented which made her come to a decision for better.

Based on her Facebook account, Rizza featured and documented her transformation within her journey and resulted in a whopping difference started in 2012 up to this moment.

In a matter of 5 yrs. time, she has shown a massive change in her physique and just by viewing her pictures before and after, we can see she attained and persistently endured reaching success.

Her enormous change truly motivates people after 5 years, making her story trending on Facebook and other social media sites.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had an opportunity to have her statement. she told that:

"I was shocked and overwhelmed."

“I never expected it to go viral since I’ve been posting random weight loss pictures for almost four years."

“I’m really happy as well because I got to inspire people. Sobrang hirap magapapayat talaga, and, here I am, proving it is possible!”

On the other side, while she was avoided by people, another reason for losing weight is to have a good and stable health status.

“I guess I just got tired of how I look. I’m tired of being lazy. I’m tired of being unhealthy.

“At the age of 21, may pre-diabetic symptoms na ko. I need to lose weight. I realized that I need to do it, NOW. I was in denial before that I needed to lose weight, then eventually na-realize ko I have to start somewhere.”

Making it suitable for a healthy change in a matter of five long years is difficult. Aside from her utmost diet, she also initiated herself exercise prioritizing her health.

May this woman's fulfillment in her dramatic change serves motivation and inspiration to all of us.

source: manilacentral


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