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Woman From Taiwan Who Always Gets Mistaken As a Teenager Shocks The Netizen After She Reveal Her Actual Age

Remember Liu Yelin, the 49-year old woman who gets mistaken as the girlfriend of her 22-year old son and the 50-year old Hong Kong actress Candy Lo Lam whose beauty never faded. These gorgeous ladies are the ones who shocked the internet with their timeless appeal.

Lure Hsu, a 42-year old Taiwanese designer also gets quite famous on the internet because of her young looking features. She always gets mistaken to be a teenager, and people could still not bear the thought after revealing her real age.

She first got her limelight in the year 2015 and quite took some serious fame instantly after being revealed on an entertainment show by her Taiwanese actress sister, Sharon.

A lot of people didn’t have the slightest idea to know the real age of Hsu until Sharon posted a birthday greeting on Hsu’s facebook account.

People have been keen on keeping an eye on Hsu’s social media account to learn more about her secrets. She stands above anyone else despite her actual age.

This 42-year old Taiwanese designer shockingly stuns her followers with an awe which is seen in these photos.

She flaunts her flawless skin and healthy lifestyle on social media.

She instantly gets viral as her photos spread on the internet. Since then, she was labeled in the community of China and Taiwan as the “goddess with a frozen age” by Mail Online.

Hsu shared her secret in an interview with a local magazine. She told her unique diet mainly consists of vegetables and fruits. She also stated her top priority on her daily regimen is to drink regular amounts of water to keep her body hydrated and fresh.

She even recommended avoiding drinks with high-sugar content. Besides water, she only drunks black coffee in the morning.

To achieve her very youthful skin, she told that she takes vitamin C pills and collagen supplements. She also explained the essential benefits of sunscreen during sun exposure to avoid skin damage and protect it from sun exposure. It is essential to keep the skin moisturized to prevent skin aging.

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