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Woman Who Gets Bashed On Social Media After Slapping An Old Taxi Driver Seeks An Apology: “HINDI KO ALAM NA NASTROKE SYA”

A young woman who allegedly slapped and humiliated an old taxi driver along the Congressional Road in Quezon City now seeks an apology after getting bashed through the social media. She went viral not only in the Philippines but also in some parts of the world because of the video that was posted on Facebook that gained millions of views and wild reactions coming from angry netizens.

The said video was uploaded by Joshua Baluyot who took the whole incident through his camera where the woman gets furious after a taxi driver hits her car. She made a scandalous scene along the road by physically and mentally abusing the old man.

The woman was frantic about it and cuts the way of the taxi just to humiliate the cab driver.

As you can see from the video, the car was not even that close to each other and seems that there aren’t any accident that had happened at all. There was also no traffic enforcer that on standby at that time nor any police officer to mitigate the altercation of the two. The woman kept on cursing and pointing a finger towards the taxi driver even though her companion tries to calm her down and wants to take her to their car.

The woman still kept on her rants and insisted the driver move outside of his car. She tries to physically abuse the old man by slapping him in the face which eventually led the driver to get down from the car.

The old man seemed groggy and uneasy as he exists his cab. He was holding his cheek and seems to be hurt and baffled by the incident. The woman kept on nagging and shouting while the driver, who appears to be in apparent distress, tries to sit in the gutter of the side of the road. Luckily, a motorcycle driver tried to soothe the incident down as he mediates on the argument.

Joshua Baluyot shared his experience with the video. He told that woman personally went to their shop days after he uploaded the video. She told him to delete the video or else she would file suitcase against him.

Even though she intimidates him, he refused to submit to her demands and tells that he know his rights and the laws about it. He only wanted to share how disrespectful that woman is and the fact that she physically assaulted the old man.

A lot of people gets furious about the incident on how she mistreated the old man. After identifying the name of the woman, she drew flak from a lot of netizens who viewed the video through her facebook account. Government authorities also have started to look for her whereabouts as she might face some consequences for physically abusing the old taxi driver.

A Facebook account of Ms. Cherish claims that she wants to apologize to the taxi driver directly. She wrote a message detailing her sincere apology towards her misdeeds against the old man.

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Check out the video below to see the interview with the old taxi driver:

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