Saturday, 6 January 2018

Meet the Gorgeous Daughter of the Late Hollywood Star Paul Walker Who Gained a Lot of Fans After Posting Some of Her Photos Online

Hollywood actor, Paul Walker, was one of the most renowned artists in the famous franchise movie "The Fast and the Furious" which most people knew about. A lot of people knew him as a great actor, but only a few people have known him as a loving father to her gorgeous daughter, Meadow Walker.

In his every interview in his career, he always had mentioned her daughter and stated how she was an adorable daughter. Paul loved his daughter so much that he even placed a tattoo on his wrist with the name of his daughter.

Rebecca Soteros, the biological mother of Meadow, didn't live with Paul anymore. But Rebecca entrusted her solely to Paul because of his worthiness as a father when it comes to their child. She felt that Paul would be a better parent than her.

Meadow spent most of her time with Paul and considered him as a best friend that she could lean on when she's in a pinch.

Due to a tragic accident in a vehicular collision that took Paul's life, Meadow was left devasted and fatherless at the age of 15.

Meadow had her recent 18th birthday and is now matured and lady-like as she flaunts her gorgeous face and sexy figure. There isn't the slightest way that Paul wouldn't be proud of her daughter as she turned out an elegant lady.

Meadow currently works in a fashion and ramp model. With her photos being posted online, it seems that she had gained millions of followers on Instagram.

With her attractive features, it is certain that she could enter the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Even though she had lost her father, she still endured all through it and never took it as a hindrance in becoming more successful and strive for a better life.

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