Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Meet the Gorgeous MMDA Spokesperson Who Caught the Attention of Netizens

Tourists from foreign countries testify that there are a lot of beautiful and smart women in the Philippines. Sure enough, it’s true.

One example of that is our very own Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Spokesperson, Pircelyn “Celine” Burce Pialago who has been earning praises and admiration in social media.

I’m sure you’ve seen her so many times on the news lately and has been wondering who she is. She has been interviewed a lot of times like for example, the recent clean-up operations in Baclaran.

She’s not the ‘face’ of the MMDA just because of her looks, but she also has the qualifications needed to represent them. She graduated from Miriam College with a degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Broadcasting and earned her Master’s Degree in Journalism from Ateneo de Manila University. Some netizens noted how well she speaks and presents herself in the interviews.

She’s also gaining a lot of followers on Instagram, and it was no surprise that this beauty tried her luck on beauty pageants such as: Miss Philippines Earth and Pinay Beauty Queen Academy.

But would you believe she was bullied before? In her hometown, Dalaguete, Cebu, she was bullied because of her complexion. But it did not stop her from excelling in her academics which led her to be where she is now.

This stunning morena girl isn’t your typical chick. She’s beautiful, smart and tough too. She often joins the MMDA team in their field operations, and whenever she gets into an argument with motorists, she aptly points out the traffic rule you broke and won’t ever be swayed by charm nor money. She’s also trained in using a gun and was repeatedly seen practicing in the shooting range.

Like most women, one of her weakness is a good pair of shoes. Which is so admirable, considering this tough lady is a part of a task force. Although her charms are evident, she takes her job very seriously. She is a perfect role model for our young teens out there.


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