Thursday, 22 February 2018

This Tower from London Looks Like it Was Bleeding But the Reason Behind it Will Surely Break your Heart

We’ve heard dozens of stories about castles and towers as their setting. There’s one, with a beautiful sleeping princess who needs a true love’s kiss to wake her up and another story where a maiden with long golden hair lived in a tower and let her golden locks flow down. What if I told you that there’s a real-life castle with a tower that has a blood-like moat flowing out of the tower?

Surprised? I’m sure you’ll be wanting to visit there soon. In England, the tower of London was turned into a beautiful masterpiece. At a distance, it will seem like the castle has a blood-like moat.

But on closer inspection, it was surrounded by beautiful crimson red ceramic poppies! Yes, it’s ceramic! Not a plant, but they had to plant each ceramic poppy one by one around the castle. The installation of the poppies started July 2014 and ended on November 2014. Just imagine the effort it took to plant each of them!

Now, the artist for this beautiful masterpiece was Paul Cummins who worked with a stage designer, Tom Piper. It consists of 888,246 ceramic poppies and was to commemorate the people who died in World War I. It’s not clear whether the number of poppies represents the number of lives lost, but even though the idea seemed gruesome, it perfectly symbolizes the beauty of honor of the people who sacrificed their lives for their country.

At first, the idea of making this masterpiece seemed cruel and horrifying but Paul said, “I do talk people to death until I get an answer and actually it didn’t take that long. It was a couple of weeks and they said yes. It all blossomed from there.” They called this art piece, “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”, in which they turned the ugly horrors of war into unimaginable beauty.

They had thousands of volunteers, everyone with a different story. Some volunteers had lost someone they love in war, and some were sons or daughters of those who joined in the war. It was a joint effort, and we can see the result was epic.

A lot of people visited the place to be part of the art piece, and what’s more, the can buy the ceramic poppies for 25 pounds! They’ll be giving 10% of the earnings to different charities.

It is amazing what people can do out of love for the people who bravely fought in a battle. Not only did the artists deserve the applause but also to those who volunteered to help. May the memory of those who served, always be remembered.

source: sliptalk


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