Thursday, 22 March 2018

12 Proven Signs That Your Man is a Player and Not a Keeper You Want ~ It Only Means Your Just His Side Chick

Love is such a wonderful thing. It can instantly make your day brighter and boosts your mood just by seeing your lover. However, with love, there is also a pain. 

And to some couples, their partners aren't as affectionate as one expects, which causes distress to some women who question themselves, "Do he really love me?" To help you, check out this list that may point out if he cares about you or you're just the side chick.

1. You're starting to doubt your relationship with him.

Chances are, you clicked this article because you feel like your relationship has changed. You've been having a bad feeling that your relationship might be going downhill and you want to look for signs that tell you otherwise.

2. He constantly talks with his Ex-girlfriend.

Being the girlfriend, we've learned to accept his past and his past relationships. And you've got to admit, you've been trying to be friends with your boyfriend's ex just to make sure there's no 'come back' going on. 

However, if you notice your bae still keeps in contact with his exes, that should set off your warning bells. If he's reconnecting with his old flame, chances are he is not sure of his feelings for you and his exes are his plans B. Men who are committed will not entertain any other women.

3. He spends more time with his friends than you.

Men have got to be with his buddies, and you've got to give him the time to be with them. But if you feel like he is never around and always with his friends, it may mean he is happier with them than being with you.

4. He does not open up his feelings with you.

Contrary to what we may think, men do cry, and it's always coming from their heart. If he is emotionally invested with you, he would open up and tell you what troubles him. But if he's not, then it might be that you are not part of his long-term plans.

5. He does not know a lot about you.

Men do not exactly pay much attention to small details but when in a relationship, if you've noticed that he keeps giving you flowers that your allergic to or he keeps ordering food that you hate. Then chances are he only knows you on a surface level.

6. He seems distant at times.

It's important to give each other space but if you feel like whenever you are together if you notice that he is always on his phone or he seems uninterested in things about you then he might be not invested in your moments together.

7. Sometimes he feels like a stranger.

When the honeymoon phase ends, there are times that you'll be focusing on your careers. If one day you feel like he has not been opening up to you and treated you like a stranger, then he might not be interested in you anymore.

8. He never makes peace when you two gets into an argument.

Fights and misunderstanding are very normal in a healthy relationship. However, if neither one of you makes an effort to fix it, then it's gonna make some huge gap between both of you.

9. He has not introduced you to his family.

If you've been together for a long time, but you have not yet met his family, then you might want to assess your relationship.

10. He's only sweet when he's looking for sex.

When after his cold treatment he instantly becomes romantic when he's looking for sex but after he returns to his old self.

11. He never showed any concern for you anymore.

If you're really important to him, he would constantly ask how you are or how was your day. But if he's stopped showing concern for you, then you might not matter to him anymore.

12. He does not care if your relationship is going downhill or not.

All relationships face a rough time, but if he does not make an effort to talk to you about it, then it might be that he does not have any plans with you in it.

Problems in a relationship vary in every couple. The only important thing is you know how to fix it, or you know when to give up.


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