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15 Most Dangerous Road Around the World to Drive

Road trips are extremely fun when you’re traveling with friends and family. However, if you are taking a road that’s so narrow or scary, I don’t think you’d get home remembering the funny thing your friend said, but instead, you’d remember how scary passing the road was.

Here are some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

1. The North Yungas Highway in Bolivia

The Death Road of Bolivia will surely force you to pay attention to the road. The single lane, narrow dirt road beside the mountain has already sent 300 drivers and cyclists off the path, every year. You surely wouldn’t want to add to that count.

2. The Guoliang Tunnel in China

This tunnel was amazingly hand carved by a small group of Villagers that connects to China’s Taihang Mountains more than 40 years ago. The tunnel got the name, “the road that does not tolerate mistake” because the 4,000-foot tunnel has thirty windows they directly drop down. So whenever you’re driving along, be sure to avoid looking out the window.

3. Dalton Highway in Alaska

In Alaska, the Dalton Highway has a 240-mile stretch of a road with no gas stations, restaurants, hotels and other services which makes it very scary because there would be no one to ask for help if you get in trouble. This highway runs for 400 miles passing through remote forests, tundras and over the Yukon River.

4. The Atlantic Road in Averoey, Norway

In Norway’s Atlantic Road, the road is so steep and curvy that at a distance it looks like it ends directly into the ocean. On bad days, wind and big waves crash into the road that it often hits unsuspecting cars passing through the narrow road.

5. The Stelvio Pass in Italy

In Italy, a road named Stelvio Pass winds 9,000 feet uphill with 48 sharp turns. This stomach like road still looks dangerous even from afar, what more when you actually drive on it? The Alpine views might distract you, but you better concentrate passing that road into the Italian Alps as the concrete barrier isn’t enough to protect you from the steep mountain drop.

6. Skipper’s Canyon Road in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Skipper’s Canyon Road was carved by miners in the late 19th century. It is a narrow road with fewer barriers that is probably very dangerous because before you can drive in it, you gotta apply for a special permit first. It is that dangerous and narrow that when you encounter another car, you might have trouble maneuvering in it.

7. The Widow-maker in the United Kingdom

In 2010 it was declared Britain’s most dangerous road because of its winding path and sharp bends. However, it has a stunning view of England’s Peak District.

8. The Vitim River Bridge in Siberia

This bridge in Siberia has no guard rails, so if you ever find yourself driving in this narrow wooden bridge, you gotta trade your truck to a smaller car because the road is so narrow it can barely fit one car. Others place crossing this road on their bucket list because they see it as an accomplishment if you’ve ever managed to cross it.

9. The Zoji Pass in India

This road is surely one to attract you as the road rests over the Himalayan Mountains. However, even if you can drive through the narrow dirt trail, you’ve got avalanche to worry about.

10. The Karakoram Highway, between China and Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Karakoran Highway is one of the highest paved roads in the world at 16,000 feet high. It is frequently called as the “eighth world wonder,” but history has it that 900 construction workers have already died either by working or falling off the mountain.

11. Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

In Colorado, this road of US Route 550 runs along three 10,000-foot mountains without a guardrail. They say that it got its name because you’d have to pay 1 Million Dollars to be able to drive in it safely again.

12. Highway 1 Florida

For the last 10 years, 1,079 people have died on this highway and because of its high car accident rate, it was called as US’ most dangerous road.

13. The I-45 Houston, Texas

The interstate 45 had an average of 56.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles of roadway, thus being the second deadliest highway in the US in 2016. The Houston part had 51 fatal wrecks from the year 2011 to 2015 which is the most dangerous part of the interstate.

14. The coast roads in Croatia

In Croatia, the Adriatic coastal road clings to the cliff side of the mountain and doesn’t have safety barriers but has blind corners and sharp turns. If this is how they warn the drivers to slow down, they ’re leaving one huge lesson to them.

15. Jalalabad in Afghanistan

This might just be the most dangerous road because of the curvy lanes that seriously takes a huge amount of skill in driving. There have been so many fatal crashes on this highway because it had been a daily occurrence and people have stopped counting years ago on the percentage of car accidents.

These roads might be just what a daredevil would look for but always keep in mind to be safe and attentive when you’re driving. Even if you aren’t in one of these roads, accidents can still happen so take heed and stay safe.

source: thisisinsider


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