Saturday, 10 March 2018

6 Proven Reasons Why Do Husbands Fall in Love with Other Woman

With the millennial trend of “Hugots” and songs about break up and moving on, couples who are sanction by God to forever love each other are no excuse for these kinds of tragedy.

It remains a debate whether men are naturally polygamous, but the most important thing is answering the question, “Why do our partners cheat? Why do they fall in love with another woman?”

To tell you the truth, there is no primary reason why they cheat. It is not like we can blame genetics for it, or the composition of our DNA, but below are some of the reasons that may explain why he would even think of entertaining another woman.

1. Men like playing games

Emotional-wise kind of games that is. Marriage can be so stressful at times because of the responsibility that comes with having a family. They are humans too, and a good distraction can break the tension, boredom, and stress.

2. He is looking for something you don't have

As time goes on, there will be a point in your lives that you realize that your partner isn’t what you are looking for, or not what you thought he is. It’s sad, but it happens in reality, and when men realize this, he might start flirting back to other women that might be entirely different from you.

3. Most men hate tears

This is so contradicting that you might want to start shutting off your computer. But the truth is, men hate seeing you cry. Whenever they feel down or hurt because they are the cause of your tears, instead of facing the problem, some men seek of diversion to get away from that guilt or the drama.

4. He wants a happy woman to be with

We know men are the Alpha bear in the family, so when men realize that the marriage isn’t going well, and you aren’t happy with it, their self-esteem is crushed. Therefore they go and meet other women because they feel like they can’t make you happy anymore.

5. He is looking for a friend

All marriages are not perfect. However, when it gets tough and seems like the problem gets bigger and bigger, men tend to look for a friend. And because the majority of men do not share their problems with their guy friends, they look for women who listen to them and not nags or shouts at them.

6. He wants an independent woman

It may sound ironic, but men want a woman who they feel like they can never have, despite that they are married. They do not like women who cling to them at every decision or checks their husbands schedule every hour of the day.

It is obvious that men are very different from women, but both should try to fix the problem and think of love above all else. You have to learn to accept each other and not control each other. It is what love is, it should be free.


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