Sunday, 11 March 2018

8-Year-Old Little Girl Wrote a Heartbreaking Letter to Her Dad's Mistress After She Saw Her Mommy in Pain and Crying

It is sad that children are often forgotten to take into consideration when couples face a problem in their marriage. The emotional turmoil leaves little time to check how the young ones are affected. But what's sad is when kids try to take matters into their own hands.

Such as a little girl who wrote a letter describing her and her mother's experiences when her father gets home. Her innocence is so shattering and feelings so raw that you'll feel like your experiencing her pain first hand.

Laura, a little girl who is experiencing her parents lose that spark in their marriage, is a very observant young girl. She knew and watched first hand how her mother cries whenever her father loses his temper. Thus, she could not keep quiet anymore, so she decided to write a letter.

It says;

Dear Jack,

Don't let daddy I wrote this letter, he may be angry with me. Mom told us we shouldn't hate anyone, but I can't help hating you. I just wanted to ask you a favor, get away from our lives.

Got lost his job because of you, we had to sell our house to pay the bills. Without a job, there was no money for food for mom and me. I could say she went hungry so many times so I could eat. When I fell off my bike, I really wanted dad to act, but he was with you.

You didn't let him go to my graduation day or my day's presentation. I was up upset about that. After dad met you, he would come back home after midnight, what the hell are you doing?

He started hurting mom; at first with words then he used his belt. We had to huddle the neighbors when it happened. Otherwise, we will be the ones hit. As I grew up, he started seeing me as a punching bag when there were not any toys for him to break. I don't know what you tell him, but he has changed so much.

I just want you to know that mom wants the old dad back, the man she married. Please stay away from him and let us be happy again. I hope you understand me.


After reading the letter, you'd have the impression that the little girl was addressing it to her father's mistress but when you think on it, she addressed it to Jack who could be an alcoholic drink. 

Her father might have become an alcoholic, so much that he changed. It was not clear who Laura's father was and where he is now, but just reading the letter, we can be assured that the neighbors are aware of what is happening.

We can only hope the family will go back to their happy days because it is so heartbreaking to hear a little girl tell how horrifying her father becomes when he comes home. Couples may come across a rough patch, but we should never forget our responsibility to the children.

source: urdailyjournal


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