Saturday, 31 March 2018

A Hardworking Man From ILO-ILO Collects Garbage from the River to Earn Money to Support His Family

A father is the head of the family and the one who works to provide all the necessities of his family. He must work and earn money and provide the needs of his family and support and give them a brighter future.

This is one of the reasons why some of them suffer being away from their family and leave the country to work as Overseas Filipino Worker.

However, there are some who don’t want to leave his family and do everything to support them even if it means collecting garbage in rivers to earn money.

Recently, a responsible and dedicated father named Freddie Osalya, went viral on Internet as he touches the hearts of many Filipinos online. Freddie Osalya is from Iloilo City, and his story was shared on Facebook by Rmn Iloilo. 

According to the post-Freddie is supporting his family and providing their needs from the money he gets from collecting garbage in the river and selling it to a junk shop and he doesn’t bother with the disease he could get from the dirty river.

The recyclable materials like plastic bottles that Freddie collect from the river are taken to a junk shop in exchange for money that he used to buy food and send his children to school. He would take all the risk and endure all the hardships just to support his family.

Netizens are inspired by Freddie’s determination and perseverance in earning a living to support and provide for his family. They even commended him for his eco-friendly activity as he clean and takes away the plastic materials from the river.

Some netizens called the attention of the government of Iloilo if they could help the family of Freddie or at least give him salary since he is helping the community by cleaning the river.

Job well done Freddie!


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