Saturday, 31 March 2018

An Inspiring Story of a Loving Father Who Sacrifices Everything Just to Support His Son's Education

Touching photos of a father and his son that was shared online, draw attention from netizens as it went viral in 2013. The said photos display the son who just graduated from college and his barefoot father. The father’s unconditional and undying love for his son was depicted in these photos.

The father is a farmer who lives in an impoverished village in Thailand with his only son. Unfortunately, he was a widower since his wife died soon after giving birth to their only son. He worked to raise his son on his own, and whatever earnings he has, it all goes to his son’s needs and education.

He supported his son’s education from the beginning until the end. It was never easy for him especially when his son was about to enter college. He decided to sell everything he has for his son to finish college and graduate.

After years of working and earning for his son’s upbringing, his son finished school and graduated from Ratchptr University in Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. All his hard work and sacrifices paid off in the end, and this is an amazing achievement for both of them since they were living in a place where finishing school is not the norm.

The son shared a photo of him wearing his graduation cap and gown with his father online with a caption, “A poor farmer supported his son to complete his graduation; My father is my biggest pride”.

The photo that was shared by the son on the Internet shows their unconditional love for each other.

The said post already garnered more than 100,000 comments, likes, and shares by numerous online users from different countries around the world.

Parents strive hard to make their kids lives better and continue to do that until their last breath. The sacrifices they make for their children are innumerable.

There is no limit in pursuing our dreams, all it takes is perseverance and the motivation to do anything. Kodus to this father who sacrificed everything just to see his son graduate and finish school. We salute you, sir!.

source: goodtimes


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