Tuesday, 6 March 2018

An Inspiring Story of a Man Who Dropped Out from School and Choose to Work as a Farmer Then Became a Millionaire at the Age of 33

A Malaysian cattle farmer named Saipol Azmir Zainuddin proved to everyone that the notion, "If you don't have a degree, you won't be successful in life" that we believe ever since we where a child is not true.

Success in life is achieved through hard work and dedication from the things or job you are doing even if you don't have an education certificate.

Some may have been pressured for the longest time to enter and have a college degree or diploma to land a high paying job. However, Saipol's mindset is different, and instead of finishing school, he decided to drop out after Standard 6 and chose to become a farmer.

According to him, his decision is final and dropping out of school earlier than his friends, didn't break his spirit because it was his dream to become a farmer.

For him quitting his studies has a purpose and that is to work as a construction worker. He earns RM750 or roughly 10,000 pesos monthly by working as a construction worker, and he used his money to fulfill his dream to buy a calf to breed.

He did this every month until he was 18 years old and by that time he had already 300 cows. Saipol and his father raised the cow and sold it to the villagers, and they save up all the profit they made from selling cows. They used this profit to fulfill his dream of owning a farm, and by the age of 19, he was already financially stable because of what he earned from selling cows.

Saipol applied for a loan from Farmer's Organizational Authority Malaysia (LPPL) amounting to RM100,000 or 1.3 Million Pesos, and he will use it to expand his business and opportunities.

Saipol's passion and dedication to his work made him a millionaire at the age of 33 who earns millions from selling livestock just like last year. He also owns 150 goats, 30 buffaloes, and 700 cattle and he is not greedy and selfish from all his accomplishment in his life because he wants to share it to people especially to youngsters who are also interested in this business.

All successful people are big dreamers because they imagine what their future could be ideal or bad and that's what happens to Saipol who held much to his childhood dream and patiently work for it over the years. It also proves us that degree in school not always be the reason to be successful in life.

Even though the world may laugh at you for dreaming big, it is not an excuse for you to stay within your comfort zone because to be successful in life you just need to take risks. And when the stakes are high people will work tirelessly to make their dreams a reality.


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