Sunday, 11 March 2018

Elderly Couple Decided to Take Pictures In-front of Their House Every Year, But the Last Picture is Really Heartbreaking

Love stories are so real that it uniquely touches our hearts. It might be the romantic in us, but even fairytale love stories are so well loved to the extent that real life action movies are made after them.

However, in reality, not all love stories end with happily ever after.

An elderly couple in 1973 had a special idea on how to show to the world their love story and this is thru photography. They take photos of them together every season of the year and in the same spot that is in front of their garden.

When you say every season it may be rain or sunshine, flowers blooming or leaves falling or anything in between, we can still see their love for each which stands the test of time and through all kinds of weather.

Their photos in their garden were taken when the tradition first started in the year 1973 and by a journalist named Ken Griffiths.

The spring season is so memorable to them because it’s the season when their love story blooms.

Their smiles are different when they are together, its warmer than a mild summer breeze.

Even though the landscape of their background changes because of the winter season, their love and smile remain unchanged, and that is because they are together.

Flowers bloomed just like the happiness in their hearts.

Their smiles seem to brighten up even in the cold and rainy weather and yet he offers brave protection to his love that was the only person who has a special place in his life.

Now that his companion is gone, he lost his reason to smile, but he knows that she will live on forever in his heart like a warm embrace in spring.

His love for her lives in his heart even though her sweet smile is gone forever. Losing your beloved partner is painful enough that it may scar your heart forever.

But once you know that it was true and real love, it will forever live in your heart together with your memories together. Keep on living, life still has so much to offer.

source: goodtimes


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