Friday, 9 March 2018

Family Who Lives in Villamor Airbase Compound Wow's Netizens After They Shared Their Extreme Home Makeover

Grace Lucas is a homeowner who lived her whole life in the same compound in Villamor Airbase with her husband Miguel and their three children. They decided to build an extension for them to fit in their house since the space they shared was too small for a family of five.

In the middle of building their extension, the couple was forced to stop because of a fallen Sampaloc tree that hit their property during Typhoon Milenyo. The new extension was severely damaged which left the homeowners felt disappointed and frustrated because of the money, time and effort they spent just to build it.

Luckily, a creative Interior Designer named Gwyn Guanzon stepped in and helped Grace in improving their house and provide them a place where they all can fill the unbridled joy.

After years of this home makeover, Grace turns back the favor and lend a helping hand to Gwyn. When Gwyn’s father went into a coma, it was Grace that prepared and organized the transportation of his father which was airlifted en route to the hospital in Q.C from their hometown in Antique.

Here are some inspiring decoration tips from the before and after photos of the renovated extension.

Gwyn designed the house by stabilizing the framework of the wall and constructed an actual ceiling which creates a safe and structurally sound property.

The window of the house was originally designed with bamboo or kawayan covered to allow the natural light and cool breeze to enter in the small opening. Gwyn replaced the old bamboo slats with colorful columns to fit the overall design of the house.

Gwyn chose colorful pieces and colorful design with vibrant hues such as pink, blue, gray, lilac, and white in Grace’s house interior design.

For the dining area, Gwyn uses a creative style like vertical stripes of different colors with different hues on the wall. He also replaced the old dining table and chairs with Callan dining set from Crossings Home.

Gwyn planned to move the staircase of the bedroom to a different area in the house. However, he decided not to when he noticed that the walls in the bedroom were not even.

Grace’s house has a small and narrow kitchen and to make it more open, Gwyn used white building materials to design the kitchen.

He painted the wall with white paint, used white tiles for the countertop and created a white brick wall for the backsplash. Gwyn also used wall mirror as a designed in the kitchen hallway leading to the bathroom which in effect looks bigger than it is.

He also renovated the bathroom, from an old toilet with no faucet to a bathroom with new wall tiles, telephone shower set and a sleek water closet from Homestore which is much better than the old one.

Tips: For a house interior to look simpler, you can use neutral colors such as white or beige or cream as the major color of your walls. Use furniture pieces that have soft furnishings and assorted decor to brighten the space of your house.


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