Saturday, 31 March 2018

From Fat to Fabulous: Woman Shares Her Journey to Fitness After Suffering from Body Shaming

Nowadays, women especially teenagers are suffering from body shaming either from a family member, relatives or someone they don’t know. However, it is not plus-sized people suffer from this kind of bullying, but it also affects all sizes and shapes of people that are bullied by their looks or physical differences.

In Filipino society, it is normal to comment on someone’s physical appearance, whether good or bad. If a certain person doesn’t fit with the standard beauty of the society, he or she will have to deal with the pain and humiliation words from other people. 

This hurtful and insulting word is the reason why a lot of weight loss products are invented and is not available in the country. 

Numerous people, especially women are using this product for them to lose weight and aim the body they wanted.

One such woman is a Facebook user named Abigail Viana Jabel. Abigail shared on her Facebook account the experienced she had from body shaming and how she deals with it and be able to reach her body and fitness goal that she has right now.

Abigail experienced body-shaming when she usually joins sagalas, since she is fond of it, the people who saw her cannot help but throw negative comments on her body size. They said, “Lakas ng loob oh magsasagala ang taba taba naman”, “Abby mag diet kana baka iwan ka ng bf mo.”

Although she loves sagalas, the moment she saw herself in the mirror and said, “Abby, ang taba taba mo na oh. Laki ng hita mo size 32, bewang mo naman 43 mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo”. and the comments she heard from other people lead her to decide that she really need to start losing weight and be physical fit.

Losing weight and be physically fit is never easy not only for Abigail but also to other people who want to be sexy and have a slim body. Another challenge for her, are the people that instead of supporting her, they still judge Abigail’s capacity to lose weight. However, after seeing Abigail’s transformation, these people have the guts to ask her how she was able to do it and gain the body she has right now.

Do you want to know her secret behind her weight loss? Well according to her, she did not take those weight loss product that the Internet or other people are offering.

 She did not go to the gym to exercise nor she undergoes “no rice” diet since she’s afraid of the effect of it in her body. Instead, she tried and followed this:
  • Don’t drink or eat food with Soda
  • Don’t drink or eat Sweet foods and beverages
  • Don’t eat red meat
  • No cheat days
  • Eat more veggies
  • Drink more water
  • Motivation and Goals is a must


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