Sunday, 25 March 2018

Genius Filipino Invented a Stove Which Doesn't Need Fuel or Electricity. He Called it the ‘WATER SUPPLEMENTED STOVE’.

Filipinos are making their talents known internationally just for their efforts. We’ve seen some of them take center stage and impress their talents on national TV. 

This helped inspire other Filipino talents to take a chance and show off what they got. Sadly the Philippine government could not yet support our talents, athletes and even our inventors.

One Filipino inventor recently took the social media by storm when he introduced his invention. Contrary to common expectations, his invention works and is useful to all. This Filipino genius named Rolly Palladio came from Cotabato City. He calls his invention, “Water Supplemented Stove”. 

Just by its name describes his invention plainly, it’s a stove run by using water. The stove does not need expensive fuel or electricity to work, it only needs water! Just imagine how environment-friendly that is! Aside from the fact that it’s also budget friendly.

Palladio explained that the stove can run on any liquid as long as it does not emit CO2, and it also helps lower the usage of fossil fuel that may even contain hazardous chemicals. 

Some netizens even commented as, ““Hindi pula ang flame kundi mixture of yellow, white and blue kahawig sa tip ng acetylene. Ang blue part ng acetylene ay hindi pang cutting. Ang background na pula dyan sa stove ay red hot steel hindi yan flame. “

Some even added, “Hindi rin ito pang display kundi usual na panggamit sa pagluluto. Paano pipekiin ang pang usual mong pangangailangan sa pang araw araw? “

Another netizen expressed their thoughts, saying, “Naka save na sila sa gas, may negosyo pa sila kc sa kanila napunta ang profit.
Kaya aabot ng million ang mararating sa postings dito.”

Palladio’s invention is a breakthrough in cooking that can help tons of people save more money rather than the stove we commonly use. Not only that, you’d be saving the earth too.


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