Thursday, 8 March 2018

Hinangaan ng mga Netizens ang Lalake na ito Matapos Nyang e-dokomento at Ibahagi Online ang Pagawa nya sa kanyang Pangarap na Fish Pond sa kanyang Bakuran

A swimming pool is a great place to go in the middle of summer when the heat was so miserable, and you need to chill and cool off. It provides coolness and relaxation which is perfect to cool down the day's heat.

Having one of this in your backyard is totally efficient and convenient because you don't have to drive all the way to the beach just to enjoy the water and the summer heat.

To have a swimming pool, some people spent a lot of money to purchase this because its the easiest and most logical thing to do.

However, to others, they want to save money by doing it by themselves, like this guy who just digs straight away and build a pond right outside his backyard. The swimming pool he did was well-thought and well-executed so the result, in the end, was so impressive.

Just thinking the process of making it will take us long how much more when we install it already right?. For you to install a ready-made swimming pool, it will take you weeks or even months finish.

The guy documented every step of his work by taking photos and sharing it on Reddit, where many people can saw his work. The photos show the beginning of his project until the final touch or the end of it which you will observe his project's progress.

According to him, it was his father's idea to build a swimming pond way back 2011and after three years, the wait is over as it finally became a reality.

It took a long time to finish, but when the project was finished, it has an awesome result and so impressive because of its sustainability and chemical-free pond. The pond was finished last March 2014 and was ready to use by that time.

To see the development of this unknown guy's work check out the series of photos below.

It is not possible for anybody to achieve this kind of magnificent work as long as your dedicated. What are your thoughts on this amazing works of this man? Share us.



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