Sunday, 25 March 2018

Isang 19 Anyos na Babae ang na Diagnosed ng Poly-cystic Ovary Kung Saan Mahihirapan na Siyang Magbuntis, Pero Laking Gulat ng mga Doktor sa Kanilang Nadiskubre ng Magpachekup at mag pa Ultrasound ulit ang Pasyente

A fifteen-year-old named Charlene Medlicott has been diagnosed with a disease that caused her ovaries to have blisters, and as a result, she can never get pregnant naturally. This is an awful news for Charlene, but she knew she had to accept her fate.

However, fate can sometimes be ironic because one day, Charlene came home and announced to her parents that she's pregnant. How could it be possible? Even Charlene's husband could not believe it.

The doctors could not believe it as well since a woman that had polycystic ovary syndrome would very well be unfertile and would be very hard to get pregnant. However, Charlene did! And to top it off, she' having twins!

It was a real blessing, despite Charlene's disease she was told that she's having twins. Charlene continued her check-up to ensure her babies would stay healthy, but on their next ultrasound, they were in for another shock.

Remember that at first, doctors told her she couldn't get pregnant? But she did, and they told her she's having twins. But she didn't. Instead, she's having quadruplets! The word 'surprise' is a real understatement, this is more like a miracle.

By December 2011, Charlene became the youngest woman to give birth to quadruplets in the UK. As they welcomed their four identical quadruplets to the world, Charlene was sure they could break new records, she said, "I always knew my girls were special, but now they could be record breakers too."

It must have been amazing to learn the miracles in your life. Congratulation to Charlene and her husband, now they have four beautiful daughters. Well, good luck to the father for keeping out suitors when the time comes.

source: newsner


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