Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Look: This is How Piolo Pascual Treat His Personal Assistant 'Yaya Moi' That Made Many of Piolo's Fans Jealous

Piolo Pascual is one of the country’s sought-after actor, singer, model, and producer in the Philippine Entertainment Industry. Behind all of his success, fame and several projects in the said Industry, are the people who are always by his side, supporting, caring and loving him unconditionally.

One of them is his assistants named Moimoi Marcampo. Yaya Moi has been with Piolo ever since the start of his show business career. She was known as Piolo’s right hand, the one who take care of his personal belongings, who arranged his schedule, who sometimes set the clothes he will wear and the one who run errands when needed. 

But Moi admitted on her Instagram post that most of the time she is far from being his Personal assistant.

Yaya Moi is lucky compared to several celebrities personal assistants because Piolo treated her more than that. Yaya Moi posted several photos of her with Piolo and his running buddies as she was invited to join them do rounds and be physically fit where Piolo personally coached her. 

She also attend Piolo’s tapings and had a chance to experience behind the scenes, in fact, she can be seen in some movies playing the role of a housemaid of some celebrities.

Another photo she posted was the night when she ate at fine dining with wine and different fancy cheese. 

She also has the privilege to attend parties and events of well-known celebrities and other famous people. 

One such party is the birthday celebration of Cornerstone Entertainment President, Erickson Raymundo where she was dressed to the nines and was enjoying and having the time of her life. S

She is always bumping shoulders with other celebrities which is why she is not fangirling with them anymore.

She also has the privilege of traveling to a lot of countries around the world alongside with Piolo, plus, it’s for free.

source: urdailyjournal


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