Monday, 26 March 2018

Man Sneaks into an Abandoned Hospital Alone. While Taking Videos and Pictures Inside, He Heard a Mysterious Sounds Coming from the Third Floor That Makes Him Curious and Followed the Sounds

Stories and rumors about haunted places are often the ones who make the headlines rather than a newly built building. Must be because people are overly curious about something they could not understand. 

So when a man went to a haunted hospital, netizens are on the edge of their seats curious as to what happened while he was there.

Being an amateur photographer means that you’ve got to advertise yourself to be able to be known in the market. To be able to do this, you’ve got to take good photos. 

That’s why when Joshua Goldberg went into the haunted house, everyone was curious. According to Joshua, he heard an eerie sound that’s why he decided to investigate.

It was an old building, as shown in the photo, the walls had peeled off paint and wires were hanging from the ceiling.

Since it has been long abandoned, the place looked really spooky with the trash lying around, and an old surgical light head hung around.

There is also a defective morgue.

As he was walking around the hospital, he heard a cry that seemed to be coming from a room on the third floor. It sure likes this scene came from a thriller movie, but unlike most people who would probably run away, Joshua stayed and decided to check out where the cry was coming from.

He passed by tons of creepy looking rooms, but Joshua continued.

When he came closer to the sound, he recognized the sound immediately. It sounds like a kitten meowing. The possibility of a kitten trapped is real, so he searched when the sound was coming from. 

Soon enough he found the kitten that was crying for help, the kitten was stuck at the bottom of the heating ducts. According to him, “I realized there was a kitten trapped on the third floor.” He continued, “But couldn’t quite figure out where; at first I thought he was in the heating ducts.”

It was a good thing Joshua found the trapped kitten, else the kitten might be stuck there for a long time.

source: goodtime


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